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Top light bars and tracking devices for cars! – Children Slighting

Top light bars and tracking devices for cars!

By November 15, 2021Auto Services

Lightbars are being used for over five years, starting from off-road vehicles to trucks and significant rug drivers. They have a low current draw and 90% higher efficiency. Moreover, they have less impact and less strain on the car’s battery. Lightbars for cars are considered the best partner in the dark. Another benefit of using a red-light bar over the headlight is that they provide more and more light and allow you to see more in the dark. On the other hand, every car is precious for its owner because it is the best partner when you are on your journey. Protecting it is also your responsibility. 

So how can you save it from getting stolen or tracked when something like this happens. Tracking devices for cars nowadays provide better security for vehicles. You can track your vehicle through the tracking device anywhere and anytime. So, many companies manufacture light bars for cars and car tracking devices as well.  So which company will be the best to buy these types of products that last long and fulfill your needs? 

Our top picks of light bars and tracking devices for cars 

To end your search, we have created a list of full light bars and car tracking devices manufacturers that know what you are looking for what you need. So let take a look at our top picks. 

STEDI 22 Inch Double Row Light Bar 

Our 1st and best top pick are STEDI. They have been working since 2012 and providing the best light bars for cars. Their led lights are famous for their design, creativeness, and yet led lighting. STEDI has included two choices for the establishment to boost installing it on any vehicle: sliding mount bolts to exploit existing mounting tabs or hardened steel side sections. 

Lightforce 20″ Single Row LED Bar – Combo 

Lightforce is more experienced than STEDI in making light bars for cars. They have been serving for 35 years. They are known for making led lights for vehicles and tracking devices for cars. Compared to STEDI, Lightforce offers only one but simple option to install light bars on the car. They are pretty heavy and weigh around 3kg with a 5000k colour range. After STEDI Lightforce is considered the best option and best partner in the dark, 

LIGHTBOX 50inch Curved LED Light Bar 

Finally, a light bar for night drivers and truckers. A lightbox is an excellent option for you if you do lots of night driving. It’s unique as compared to another light bar as it is curved. It comes with heatsink technology and offers enhanced durability and life span. Furthermore, the installation is simple and as it should be. So, what makes this light bar for cars our top pick? It is because of its design, and the other benefit is that lightfox is handy you do night driving, as said above. 

Americaloc GL300W Mini Portable GPS Tracker 

Americaloc is known for its price tags as their products are expensive but better at the same time. You won’t have any suitable tracking devices for cars like this. Its magnetic power allows you to hide it anywhere for weeks. It is easy to track your loved ones with this gadget. You can set an alert on zones, speedometer, and car movements as well. 

Linxup OBD GPS Tracker 

The above one is too pricey, right? Here is the budget-friendly one. You can install this device easily on the car’s OBD port. However, it not only works as one of the best car tracking devices but serves you many benefits, including google maps, email alerts and tracking maintenance reminders, and much more. Its size is not that big, making it portable and can be used on the go. You have to install it on the OBD port of the car. 

Wrapping up 

So, these are our top picks of light bars for cars and tracking devices of cars. If you are planning to buy a car in the future, the recommendation is to buy these as both gadgets offer many benefits and fulfill your need for your journey.

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