The functioning process of knife gate valves

By February 15, 2021Industrial Services

Valves are the kind of structures that allow the passage of liquid or semi-liquid materials through them. Our body systems have been incorporated with the number of valves as well; these valves allow the flow of blood through them all over the body. Similarly; there are manmade valves as well. These valves are manufactured by the combination of different materials including plastic, cast iron; stainless steel and so on. One of the most progressive steps taken by human beings is the invention of these valves which has led us to the current situation of civilisation. It is because of these valves that our clean water systems have been separated from those of waste water. These valves are used to enhance the functioning nature of pipeline systems. The valves are made as such that they allow the smooth flow of liquid by openingcloseting, sliding or partly opening the gate ways. The plumbing pipeline systems are made by the connection of pipes and various such types of valves. In this article; we will be discussing about the functioning of knife gate valves.

Gate valves: 

One of the biggest steps towards the civilization world was the introduction of pipeline systems.  Plumbing of our whole society are functioned on the basis of these pipeline systems. Our plumbing pipeline systems are meant to allow the smooth unobstructed flow of water so that it will reach to our homes, offices and different places. Gate valves are installed at the axis of these pipeline systems. The function of gate valves is to either completely shut the flow of water or to completely open the gate to allow the passage of water or liquid.  There are times when greasy or sticky substances come along with water which can result into the obstruction of water passage. To stop this obstruction; there are special types of gate valves which enhances its functioning order. These two types are known as knife gate valves in Australia and slide gate valves. 

Knife gate valves: 

Knife gate valves are made up of sharpened blade system that is designed to break down the high content of suspended solids that comes along with water flow. If these suspended solid particles are allowed to pass through without any check then they can clog the functioning of whole pipeline systems. This is the reason that the sharp knives cut down the solid particles into numerously minute pieces which cannot cause any obstruction and can pass through the pipes easily. 

Slide gate valves: 

Slide gate valves are designed with flat plate like structures which immediately shuts down the flow of granules along with water. The small particles like dry powder or pellets are shut off by the functioning of slide gate valves. They carry out the process of breaking granules with linear motion of plates. 

The pros and cons of knife valves: 

Knife gate valves are one of the most used types of valves because of their extraordinary functioning. However; everything comes with its pros and cons, so does the knife valves. Their light weight and easy to handle system makes them quite popular among the pipelines. In addition to that they are quite cheap in budget. The only disadvantage of these knife valves is that they slow down during the application of sanitary or cleanliness conditions. This is the reasons that they are infamous for low pressure limitations.  


The combination of pipes with the installation of gate vales at the axis makes the plumbing system work efficiently. Gate valves are the kind of openings that either completely shut off or allow the continuous flow water content but there are times when these openings must restrict the moment of solid particles that come along with water flow. These solid particles are obstructed by the two different types of gate valves known as knife gate valves and slide gate valves. Knife valves break down the solid materials like paper or other such content that might cause the obstruction in the piping systems. “Hy performance valves” offers the best quality of knife valves or knife gate valves for the fast and proper functioning of your plumbing pipeline systems.

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