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The Art of Reading. – Children Slighting

The Art of Reading.

By October 14, 2021Ecommerce

Reading is indeed an art. It is the art of travelling the world and beyond within a few pages. It is the strength of the mind that allows for the creation of outrageous universes and despicable characters who put you in moral dilemmas because how can one be so vile yet so relatable? And books can bring these characters and alternate universes into being.  

A woman travelling on a train had imagined a magical world where an orphan boy would be prophesied to defeat the evil that had loomed over for years. The women wrote the story, and the art of reading immortalized this story in the minds of generations. Yes, I am referring to the infamous tale of Harry Potter.  

Reading allows so much scope for the imagination that it should be an offence to limit it to only a small population. When there is no boundary to what one can imagine, then it must be the duty of publishers to print all sorts of diverse characters and stories from different cultures by authors of diverse ethnicities.  

When the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world, physical ravel was an obvious no, but a company called Genji & Co. found a way around that. They sought out to cater to our wanderlust by sharing stories. Sharing stories from around the world, for example through Japanese story booksso they could help those isolated regain some sort of normality in their lives. 


For that message of bringing out the voices of the people, Genji & Co decided to create a platform for books to share the stories of everyone and anyone who lived. The happy tales and the tales of sorrow. The ideas of revolution and folklore. No matter what, Genji & Co plan to stay committed to being diverse in establishing an eco-friendly publishing house. Their belief in that regard remains that instead of waiting for change to happen, one must bring a little change themselves. Hence, the founding of Genji & Co.

Amongst Japanese storybooks, the first-ever novel written by a woman in Japan was called The Tales of Genji and that is where Genji & Co. takes its name from. Since the book was about everything from philosophy to the matters of the heart, etiquette, it reflects the foundation of Genji & Co, of bringing stories about everything.

The company itself is located in Sydney, Australia but that is only the base of operations. The aim remains to connect the entire world through stories.  


Women’ fiction is a term used for stories that majorly revolve around female characters showcasing women’s life experiences and such. And even though it should not be the case, gender discrimination does occur in the publishing world. It is perceived that women’s fiction writers have books that because are centered around women, are hysterical and not worthy of being read by men. Or men just feel threatened by women’s fiction writers because they reveal the worst of what men do to women and how much women genuinely fear men.  

At Genji & Co, you will find no such discrimination but rather there is a variety of women’s fiction writers. they truly have a diverse range of women’s fiction writers like Eva Melder with her book The Sun Queen based in Singapore or her book The Very Thought of You, all about love and its complications.

Since Genji & Co is a new and budding company they are constantly looking for new stories to be published and so many women’s fiction writers that would like to share their story and voice to add to the collection can send in their submissions.


To live up to their promise of diversity, Genji & Co. house several Japanese storybooks including the very popular Japanese Manga. They also have a house favourite Japanese American writer named Isa Shirokawa whose Japanese story books collection is curated specifically to be magnificently poetic, wonderful philosophical and breathtakingly elegant.

Amongst Japanese storybooks, Notes on Haunting is a popular release about the writer’s passion for her Japanese heritage. It is a beautiful addition to the collection of Japanese storybooks.

Genji & Co. also house the people’s favourite: Manga. An important and considerable part of Japanese storybooks.

Even within this small article, I have been able to mention so many different stories and even the synopsis of these has painted a story in your mind. Reading; an art indeed.  

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