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Sustainability in All Aspects of Life – Children Slighting

Sustainability in All Aspects of Life

By March 31, 2021Industrial Services

Sustainability is a key issue in the modern world due to reckless use of resources that has occurred over the past few decades which have resulted in substantial amounts of damage to the environment. Efforts need to be taken by every individual and routines in their daily lives so that they become more sustainable to mitigate the damage that has been done by the reckless use of resources over the past few decades. Sustainability in all aspects of life is required if we are to address the climate emergency and ensure that the coming generations will not be adversely affected by phenomenon such as climate change and environmental degradation. A key aspect to address is sourcing of materials from sustainable sources even when considering materials for disposable items such as disposable hand towels and disposable gloves.  

The Indispensable Nature of Disposable Gloves in Health Care and Personal Care Industries 

Disposable items are the backbone of many industries as they are required by certain professionals to carry out their duties in a safe manner. Disposable gloves are used by healthcare professionals as well as individuals in the service industry to provide clients with a sterile environment when it comes to providing personal services such as surgeries as well as cosmetic procedures and grooming services. Disposable gloves provide an easy method of ensuring sterilisation of different products and that contamination does not occur between person to person. It is important to make sure that disposable gloves are therefore created using sustainable suppliers and sustainable materials so that they do not have an adverse impact on the environment. Due to the large use of disposable gloves in the healthcare industry as well as the personal care industry, improperly sourced materials for disposable gloves can have a serious impact on the environment as they can quickly spiral out of control when it comes to filling landfills and creating large amounts of non-biodegradable waste. Sustainable use of materials when it comes to using disposable gloves allows for managing the risks that are associated with the use of disposable items and reduces the impact on the environment while considering the disposal of these items. 

The Varied Use of Hand Towels in Industries 

Hand towels and paper towels are used extensively in a wide variety of different industries making them one of the best candidates to address when it comes to providing sustainable solutions to a large range of industries. Disposable hand travels are used in restaurants as well as other personal care industries to provide a quick and easy method of wiping different surfaces as well as cleaning hands. Improper use of these disposable items and the use of unsustainable materials can result in large amounts of waste being generated which cannot be decomposed leading to environmental damage as they will eventually end up in large landfills. However, with the use of sustainable materials, this can be avoided and the materials that are used in creating disposable hand towels can simply decompose in nature if the materials that are used in their manufacture are sustainable 

Core Values of Sustainability 

At Nicholas and Maher, we strive to produce sustainable products and provide them to every business in New Zealand when they need it. Our mission is to ensure that these products can be sourced sustainably which is why we source all our materials and products from sustainable suppliers making sure that we can play an important part when it comes to bettering the environment. We are aware that disposable items can cause a large amount of environmental damage if they are not treated with care which is precisely the reason which compels us to ensure that our products are sustainably sourced and the materials that go into the manufacturing of these products are also sustainable. With these principles in mind, we can confidently say that we are able to provide our clients with sustainably sourced products which have a minimal impact on the environment. We have a wide variety of different products available to cater to the needs of every industry such as disposable hand towels as well as disposable gloves. With our commitment to measuring the environment by using sustainable products, you can have the peace of mind that you are playing an important role in bettering the environment and reducing the environmental damage that has occurred through the reckless use of resources over the past few decades.  

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