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Say Yes and Make it Count

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An engagement is a celebration and pre-phase of marriage. An official way to announce your relationship. It is hard to find a partner for you, and if by a stroke of luck, you find, keep her. Everyone always thinks of making his big day more special and unique for his partner. You might plan for days and then the day comes. Apart from other planning and preparations, the vital part is to choose the engagement ring. You may have no idea about the latest trends, fine quality and a place to offer you unique, customised experience. MDT design welcomes the people and helps you to explore engagement rings Melbourne. 

Uniqueness and Quality 

The engagement rings must be a promise and a token of love. This signature engagement rings based in Melbourne must be sophisticated and striking. Before you make one fall for you, offer her the best and express affection by best quality rings. Thus, for finding unique and striking engagement rings Melbourne, come to MDT designs and explore all our ranges and quality.  We have several gratified customers, and we promise you an overjoys experience. Our engagement rings Melbourne are so classy and timeless. We strive to offer you customised and unique experience perfect for you. You may fall in love with our collection. We bring out the valuable customers and has a long list of satisfied customers from our engagement rings Melbourne.  

We work hard to set standards and create such a ring that will compliment your hands. Offering you different diamond rings as engagement rings Melbourne.  These are classic and super-pure, affordable and on sale too. You may check the collection, ranges and then find the one. If can’t choose, you can talk to the team and place an order. We promise to share the best engagement rings Melbourne that will suit your request and grant you one everlasting experience. 

Flaunt the Earing 

Earnings add glamour in your overall look. Jewellery adds grace to women’s look. Not one piece will go out with all dresses. There is a whole range of earnings that are introduced by MDT designs as earnings Melbourne. If you are dreaming about handmade, unique, white gold earnings Melbourne that creates 18ct white diamond gold earnings in a whole range of styles. We craft each piece with care and love. We offer some diamond earrings in Melbourne range, and the details are given. 

Diamond Drop Ear studs 

These Earnings are dropped a little below your face and give you an exceptionally fine, subtle look. 

Diamond Hoop Studs 

These earnings Melbourne are elegant and add glamour on your face. 

Pink Diamond Studs 

These diamond stud earrings Melbourne gives a subtle, effortless, and flaunting look to your face. 

Choose the Design 

Choose whatever the earning you want to select and let the MDT design does its duty. We have years of experience in presenting all kinds of jewellery to our clients. Here, we are talking about earnings Melbourne, and with the experience, expertise, and striking efforts we can offer you affordable solutions. These diamond earrings Melbourne are so graceful to add subtle glamour and glow on your face. We lift the style game without burdening you with heavy jewellery. We focus and gives you the best. Trust us for the rest.

Why Choose 

Your engagement days are worth celebrating and it is right of the day to select one best engagement ring Melbourne for your partner. Here, we introduce several other rings and a variety of diamond to help you pick one right piece. We know the trends, designs, elegance and fashion. Our jewellery ranges either rings, earnings Melbourne, bralettes, or any other item.

MDT designs take pride in offering you the prime yet best service. We know how to add colours in your special day, meanwhile, how to make your face look more subtle, perfect, elegant, and cutting the part of looking extra. Trust our choices and browse through the ranges. Find the one deal that suits you and read the specifications and place an order. We assure you zero downtime and the everlasting experience. Come and choose the best to beat the rest. Heat and hype better and best. 

Constant feast or the flash stone!

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The opals, with regard to Ceylon sapphire ring based in Melbourne, opal engagement rings and related elements, in connection with Australia are referred to as the queen pertaining to the gems, these are construed to be one of the most laden with beauty gemstones within the world. These stones could be discovered to be exhibiting the colors pertaining to the rainbow in entirety, in the version of an arrangement that appears to be in motion of a pattern that is referred to as diffracted and could also be called as the play of the color. This makes them greatly unique as well as the engagement rings that are becoming greatly popular in connection with the people who are on the lookout with regard to different as well as original rings. The opals are rare in being real, they are sold the time they are mined.  


The opals are comparatively softer stones in relation to diamonds, in terms of hardness related to minerals they rate with regard to 5.5 Mohs of the scale. These opals possess the hardness as that of glass, and are construed to be the most important element while considering the stone in connection with the ring for engagement. It could be made possible through the mistreatment with regard to opal or treating the same in the rough manner, in order to cause damage or breakage with reference to the stone. It should not give the impression that the opals would break like anything, it simply informs that you require to treat them with respect. 

Ascertain intactness 

There are numerous ways that could be employed at ascertaining the security as well as the durability pertaining to the ring. The picking regarding a setting has been construed to be essential with regard to providing an enhanced protection in addition to the element of security pertaining to opal. A thin bezel made of the gold element could follow and ascertains the stone stays intact at its place. The settings with reference to the claws are secure to a much lesser degree, these provide protection in little amount and could wear away with the passage of time, in particular in association with the rings. The kind referred to as the boulder of opal gives a hard experience in connection with the act of wearing,  

Opal dome 

The opal in relation to boulder has been construed to be unmatchable, in comparison to opals having any other color encompassing the common black, the loved crystal or the egg white. The shape in connection with the boulder opal has been comprehended to be unusual, therefore, they offer higher element of creativity. You could be selecting the stone, concerning Ceylon sapphire ring, opal engagement rings in Melbourne and related elements, having a low dome with regard to the top, opals which are laden with high level of cabochon have been discovered to be exposed to the damage due to impact to a more extent as compared to the opal with low cabochon. It could be beneficial for you to learn that the opal belonging to Queensland has been discerned to be more robust and this due to the presence of the ironstone belonging to the natural category which acts as its backing.  

Dignified state 

The cost in connection with the opal ring could be dependent upon the stone sort as well as the setting that is selected by you, in addition to the size pertaining to the finger of yours! It has been suggested that you could land at a highly exquisite opal ring provided you carry out the appropriate selection and treat the stone with dignified state of mind. You simply have to email some ideas in your mind to the company and then they would be coming up with varying designs in this regard. Next time, in the scenario you are not happy with the ring pertaining to diamond then you could be thinking about the installation of a stone and then opal could be a great choice in this scenario. 

Gemstone flash 

These gemstones with a flash have been discovered to be gorgeous and have proved to be unparalleled as well as greatly attractive in terms of the rings for engagement purpose, the ring mentioned is the jewelry that could be worn in the remaining life of yours by you thus necessitating the wise selection in this context. It is hoped that you would be assisted at the decision making of yours!