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Best packages for day tours Whitsundays – Children Slighting

Best packages for day tours Whitsundays

By March 29, 2021Accommodation

Did you know that Whitsundays is one of the prettiest places of Australia? It is an island with beaches and white sand surrounded by coral reef. This place is so refreshing that it can take away all of your weariness from working continuously. Moreover; the current lockdown situation due to the spread of corona virus has caused many people depression and anxiety. If you are suffering from any such situation then a visit to such refreshing place can help in boosting your energy and lifting your spirit. It is also a perfect place to go during such a time because open air places with lesser human contact are the best way to stay safe from getting affected with virus. In this article; we will be discussing about the best packages for day tours Whitsundays.  

Whitsundays Airlie beach: 

Whitsundays is one of the most beautiful places in Australia. It comprises of about seventy four islands that are surrounded by huge barrier reef. Most of the islands of Whitsundays are uninhabited and are surrounded by thick forests. The white sand makes the whole scenery even more pretty which gives a luminous light during the night time. People often come to visit these islands through ship for a day and night. Some people also like to take aerial view of such places. Airlie beach is the town that is situated at the mainland and works as a central hub of the place where there is population of about one thousand to twelve hundred. 

Reasons why one must go for a day tour in Whitsunday: 

If you want a refreshing vacation in a soothing island with beautiful scenery surrounding all over the place then Whitsundays is the best place for you to go. You can enjoy the blue ocean waves and lush green scenery during the day time and you can get mesmerised by looking at shining starts while lying on the white sand during the night time. The restaurants and cafes around there serve some extremely delicious food. So; there are whole lot of reasons for a person to visit such a fascinating place. 

 Best Packages for day tours Whitsundays: 

If you are interested in going for a one or two day stay in Whitsundays then we have some amazing packages for you; that too in quite reasonable rates. There are some packages that take you to one night and two days sailing across the Whitsundays. If you have less time to go for visit then you can opt for overnight sailing. People who are interested in discovery tour can take the rainforest and sunset by beach packages.  Panorama view package is also available for sky high view of this mesmerising place. Besides these; there are little costlier and more fun packages including self guided tour, chill and grill tour, twin island escape and full day topical island adventure. 

Why shall one choose the packages from Magnums? 

If you have made up your mind and have chosen the kind of a package that fits your demand then it’s time for you to look for the place that can make your stay and visit possible. It is the magnums which is best for such vacations. They offer the best packages at the cheapest rates so your vacations won’t empty your pocket. They also have this offer of paying later and booking before. In addition to that; they are located at the centre of Airlie beach which is the best place to stay. They also following all of the precautionary measures as implied by the government and take the special hygienic steps safe their customers from virus. 


If you are getting depressed in this lockdown or weary due to continuous work then you need a vacation to Whitsundays Island.  It is not like any other vacation rather it refreshes a person from within because this place is filled with natural scenic beauty. Whitsundays is basically comprised of islands surrounded by huge coral reef along with sand beaches. You can get the best day tour Whitsundays packages from “Magnums” who are famous for their amazing services and perfect guide 

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