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Are solid timber doors the right choice for you? – Children Slighting

Are solid timber doors the right choice for you?

By October 12, 2021Construction & Building

People have different preferences when it comes to the entrance doors of their houses. Some people prefer to have an entrance door that gives a prominent look and catches eye of everyone. On the other hand, some people do not give a lot of attention towards the outlook of the entrance door. But the thing that is always preferred by everyone is the durability of entrance door to make sure the safety and security of their house. All over the world different types of doors are used like solid timber doors and aluminium bifold doors. But solid timber doors are preferred in most cases because they are long lasting and they require minimal maintenance.

Benefits of solid timber doors: 

Solid timber doors are beneficial in different means including the ability to compliment any style. Solid timber doors can be designed in versatile styles ranging from the traditional to the ultra-modern enhancing your property. People often use aluminium bifold doors but they cannot overshadow the popularity of solid timber doors in Perth. 

Like many other advantages of solid timber doors, another reason why people choose this material particularly for their entrance doors is that they do not really get affected from temperature. Many materials available in the market affects badly when the temperature rises or even if it goes down immediately after a hot day. Other materials could not stand against harsh weathers where as solid timber doors have the quality of stand firm when it comes harsh weather.  

Why people prefer solid timber doors? 

It is observed that most of the people spend their time wiping out water from windows and doors in a cold day. This happens due to condensation. But solid timber doors are prone to condensation, reducing the time of people they spend in wiping out water from windows and doors.

People also prefer solid timber doors due their grace, these doors enhance the overall look of the house making them more attractive and lavish.  Nothing can be more mesmerizing and spectacular than walking through a sturdy, appealing and large solid timber door.

Solid timber doors not only give an enhanced look to your entrance but they can be customized as per your requirement. If a person likes to have a red coloured door, he can get a red painted solid timber door. But if you are a natural tone lover then you can go with the varnished finishing of solid timber doors. They give and appealing look which attracts and inspires every person walking through it. 

Is it difficult to maintain solid timber doors? 

This question is very commonly asked when people choose to have solid timber doors that if they are difficult to maintain. The answer to this question is no, they are not at all difficult to maintain, in fact they take less time and effort in maintenance as compared to other materials like aluminium bifold doors in Perth. Even with the little maintenance and varnishing, the solid timber doors will provide years of lavishing and spectacular entryway to your house. In case of painted doors, you just need to make sure while doing yearly maintenance that the paint is not chipping off from the door. Just a little care can keep your stylish door new for years. 

Solid timber doors are a material that lasts for years, so you must be sure that you are investing in something that will remain even when you will be selling your house or passing it on to your family member. Solid timber doors are durable, solid and long lasting so they are worth investing your every penny.

Is there any disadvantage of solid timber doors? 

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Same is the case with solid timber doors, they also have some disadvantages. The top most disadvantage of these doors is that they are made of wood. As we all know wood is very much susceptible to termites, so it is really important to take good care of termite’s treatment. Solid timber doors also get damaged if they are not kept dry so make sure to take care if it is properly wrapped and well-sealed with the varnish or paint whatever you are using 



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