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The Art of Reading.

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Reading is indeed an art. It is the art of travelling the world and beyond within a few pages. It is the strength of the mind that allows for the creation of outrageous universes and despicable characters who put you in moral dilemmas because how can one be so vile yet so relatable? And books can bring these characters and alternate universes into being.  

A woman travelling on a train had imagined a magical world where an orphan boy would be prophesied to defeat the evil that had loomed over for years. The women wrote the story, and the art of reading immortalized this story in the minds of generations. Yes, I am referring to the infamous tale of Harry Potter.  

Reading allows so much scope for the imagination that it should be an offence to limit it to only a small population. When there is no boundary to what one can imagine, then it must be the duty of publishers to print all sorts of diverse characters and stories from different cultures by authors of diverse ethnicities.  

When the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world, physical ravel was an obvious no, but a company called Genji & Co. found a way around that. They sought out to cater to our wanderlust by sharing stories. Sharing stories from around the world, for example through Japanese story booksso they could help those isolated regain some sort of normality in their lives. 


For that message of bringing out the voices of the people, Genji & Co decided to create a platform for books to share the stories of everyone and anyone who lived. The happy tales and the tales of sorrow. The ideas of revolution and folklore. No matter what, Genji & Co plan to stay committed to being diverse in establishing an eco-friendly publishing house. Their belief in that regard remains that instead of waiting for change to happen, one must bring a little change themselves. Hence, the founding of Genji & Co.

Amongst Japanese storybooks, the first-ever novel written by a woman in Japan was called The Tales of Genji and that is where Genji & Co. takes its name from. Since the book was about everything from philosophy to the matters of the heart, etiquette, it reflects the foundation of Genji & Co, of bringing stories about everything.

The company itself is located in Sydney, Australia but that is only the base of operations. The aim remains to connect the entire world through stories.  


Women’ fiction is a term used for stories that majorly revolve around female characters showcasing women’s life experiences and such. And even though it should not be the case, gender discrimination does occur in the publishing world. It is perceived that women’s fiction writers have books that because are centered around women, are hysterical and not worthy of being read by men. Or men just feel threatened by women’s fiction writers because they reveal the worst of what men do to women and how much women genuinely fear men.  

At Genji & Co, you will find no such discrimination but rather there is a variety of women’s fiction writers. they truly have a diverse range of women’s fiction writers like Eva Melder with her book The Sun Queen based in Singapore or her book The Very Thought of You, all about love and its complications.

Since Genji & Co is a new and budding company they are constantly looking for new stories to be published and so many women’s fiction writers that would like to share their story and voice to add to the collection can send in their submissions.


To live up to their promise of diversity, Genji & Co. house several Japanese storybooks including the very popular Japanese Manga. They also have a house favourite Japanese American writer named Isa Shirokawa whose Japanese story books collection is curated specifically to be magnificently poetic, wonderful philosophical and breathtakingly elegant.

Amongst Japanese storybooks, Notes on Haunting is a popular release about the writer’s passion for her Japanese heritage. It is a beautiful addition to the collection of Japanese storybooks.

Genji & Co. also house the people’s favourite: Manga. An important and considerable part of Japanese storybooks.

Even within this small article, I have been able to mention so many different stories and even the synopsis of these has painted a story in your mind. Reading; an art indeed.  

Are solid timber doors the right choice for you?

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People have different preferences when it comes to the entrance doors of their houses. Some people prefer to have an entrance door that gives a prominent look and catches eye of everyone. On the other hand, some people do not give a lot of attention towards the outlook of the entrance door. But the thing that is always preferred by everyone is the durability of entrance door to make sure the safety and security of their house. All over the world different types of doors are used like solid timber doors and aluminium bifold doors. But solid timber doors are preferred in most cases because they are long lasting and they require minimal maintenance.

Benefits of solid timber doors: 

Solid timber doors are beneficial in different means including the ability to compliment any style. Solid timber doors can be designed in versatile styles ranging from the traditional to the ultra-modern enhancing your property. People often use aluminium bifold doors but they cannot overshadow the popularity of solid timber doors in Perth. 

Like many other advantages of solid timber doors, another reason why people choose this material particularly for their entrance doors is that they do not really get affected from temperature. Many materials available in the market affects badly when the temperature rises or even if it goes down immediately after a hot day. Other materials could not stand against harsh weathers where as solid timber doors have the quality of stand firm when it comes harsh weather.  

Why people prefer solid timber doors? 

It is observed that most of the people spend their time wiping out water from windows and doors in a cold day. This happens due to condensation. But solid timber doors are prone to condensation, reducing the time of people they spend in wiping out water from windows and doors.

People also prefer solid timber doors due their grace, these doors enhance the overall look of the house making them more attractive and lavish.  Nothing can be more mesmerizing and spectacular than walking through a sturdy, appealing and large solid timber door.

Solid timber doors not only give an enhanced look to your entrance but they can be customized as per your requirement. If a person likes to have a red coloured door, he can get a red painted solid timber door. But if you are a natural tone lover then you can go with the varnished finishing of solid timber doors. They give and appealing look which attracts and inspires every person walking through it. 

Is it difficult to maintain solid timber doors? 

This question is very commonly asked when people choose to have solid timber doors that if they are difficult to maintain. The answer to this question is no, they are not at all difficult to maintain, in fact they take less time and effort in maintenance as compared to other materials like aluminium bifold doors in Perth. Even with the little maintenance and varnishing, the solid timber doors will provide years of lavishing and spectacular entryway to your house. In case of painted doors, you just need to make sure while doing yearly maintenance that the paint is not chipping off from the door. Just a little care can keep your stylish door new for years. 

Solid timber doors are a material that lasts for years, so you must be sure that you are investing in something that will remain even when you will be selling your house or passing it on to your family member. Solid timber doors are durable, solid and long lasting so they are worth investing your every penny.

Is there any disadvantage of solid timber doors? 

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Same is the case with solid timber doors, they also have some disadvantages. The top most disadvantage of these doors is that they are made of wood. As we all know wood is very much susceptible to termites, so it is really important to take good care of termite’s treatment. Solid timber doors also get damaged if they are not kept dry so make sure to take care if it is properly wrapped and well-sealed with the varnish or paint whatever you are using 



Taste with hygiene at The Handmade Food Co

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Quite possibly the most stunning pleasure that an individual desire for food. Food is albeit a fundamental need of a person yet individuals intend to eat the food which is acceptable in taste since it satisfies their pleasure, for the conspicuous reasons one cannot remain hungry for quite a while in the event that they do not get delicious food, subsequently we can consider the scrumptious food as a delight which we ache for to satisfy constantly, this is the motivation behind why there are numerous food enterprises that are attempting to create great quality and delectable food so that individuals can satisfy their cravings, this does not just allow individuals to satisfy their pleasure however it additionally expands the interest if the food is delicious and clean too. There are numerous cafés and bistros which are giving food with incredible taste and cleanliness however their costs are additionally high, if one needs to arrange food in a large amount either for their party or for their business on either everyday schedule or for one time, then, at that point picking restaurants is an over the top expensive choice.  

What to do when you need food in an enormous amount?  

Getting food in large quantity from cafés and bistros which are working on consistent schedule for their dine in customers also has a downside, in this manner all things considered one needs to contact a firm which furnishes them with huge amount of food since eateries and bistros working day by day need more stock in their inventory which is the explanation one would run into a deficiency, consequently the most ideal alternative to pick are the wholesale food suppliers in Sydney as they are consistently prepared to furnish you with huge amount of food. Alongside the amount, they additionally give you great taste and cleanliness on the grounds that the food which is made in a huge amount consistently winds up getting delectable in light of the fact that a lot of ingredients are combined as one which makes an ideal recipe and estimations for that specific dish which is being made. Consequently, from the food manufacturers or from wholesale food suppliers, you can get cost-effective rates as well as delicious food and just as cleanliness.

What to consider for when searching for a wholesale food supplier?  

There are many wholesale food suppliers around furnishing you with some stunning nature of food yet at the same time some way or another there is an incredible rivalry and some of them are performing astoundingly. Here are a portion of the tips that you can think about when searching for a decent wholesale food supplier and food manufacturer 

  • Hygiene is one of the main thing that you need to consider, assuming you order food in an extraordinary amount, you would not have any desire to get an inferior quality food since it will be conveyed to many individuals around you. 
  • You first need to see if the firm is satisfying your motivation, since, supposing that you need to arrange food on customary or week after week reason for your business or office, then, at that point you need to consider either the assistance is fit for getting hired by you or not.  
  • Punctuality is additionally something vital which is fundamental to be considered prior to employing a specific food manufacturers in Melbourne, this is in light of the fact that a discount food provider can get late to the spots since it is an amazingly large obligation to manufacture and supply food in such amounts.  

If you need to pay special mind to a wholesale food supplier and their taste, then, at that point the most exact decision can be as a matter of fact The Handmade Food Co. We are furnishing our clients with various items taking into account Australian market, alongside that our sandwich organization is likewise connected with various wholesale food suppliers in light of which you can get our items whenever and wherever. You can get in touch with us on the off chance that you have any question, our customer care will direct you about the most common way of ordering the food.